Trump Warns of “Chaos and Bedlam” if He Is Barred from the Ballot

( – Reports show the attorneys for Donald Trump warned the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) that excluding him from 2024 presidential ballots would “unleash chaos and bedlam.”

SCOTUS is set to hear oral arguments on February 8th on whether Section 3 of the 14th Amendment disqualifies Mr. Trump from the presidency.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s judgment in December found that Trump’s alleged January 6 acts during the US Capitol assault constituted overt, voluntary participation in an insurrection, even though Trump has never been charged with “insurrection.”

In their brief to SCOTUS, Trump’s attorneys have argued that the Court should end the ballot-disqualification efforts immediately and definitively. The brief said that the efforts could disenfranchise millions of Americans and cause widespread anarchy if other state courts and officials followed Colorado’s example and excluded the projected Republican presidential choice from their ballots.

Because Section 3 only applies to an “officer of the United States,” Trump’s lawyers argue that he is exempt from its provisions.

The Court should reverse this illegal attempt to disqualify President Trump because, even if he were impacted by Section 3, he did not “engage in” anything that would be considered an insurrection.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) submitted an amici curiae brief to SCOTUS requesting it to overturn Colorado’s unlawful ballot removal of President Trump.

The brief claims the 14th Amendment restrictions invoked to ban Trump from ballots are no longer in force. Congress eliminated them In the late 19th century.

According to reports, an Amicus Curiae brief was submitted to the US Supreme Court by Representative Steve Scalise and Senator Ted Cruz, with the backing of 177 other congressmen.

Legal counsel for President Trump argued in a Writ of Certiorari petition on the consequences of states deciding how to interpret the 14th Amendment.

It stated that after George Floyd’s death in 2020, rioters received material assistance from President Biden, Vice President Harris, and their staff members.

Rioters attacked the White House, wounding police and forcing President Trump, his family, and staff to conceal in a bunker. Rioters murdered individuals, occupied government buildings, damaged property, and illegally created “autonomous zones” as alternative “governments.”

A state authority may remove Biden and Harris from the ballot if he feels they assisted in these efforts. Previous activities may be negated as “ultra vires.”

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