Trump Warns of Severe Public Backlash if He Is Jailed

( – Following the guilty verdict handed down to him by a Manhattan jury, former President Donald Trump maintains that the trial was a sham and is now warning that a “breaking point” may be reached amongst the public if the court sentences him to house arrest or time in jail for his conviction in the case.

On Thursday, May 30th, Trump was hit with a guilty verdict by a jury in New York City for falsifying business records in order to hide hush money payments to cover up alleged affairs during the 2016 presidential election. On Sunday, June 2nd, he appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” and said he’s unsure if the “public would stand it” if he gets locked up, either in jail or under house arrest.

“I don’t know,” the former president said, continuing to say that he thinks it would “be tough for the public to take.” Trump added, “At a certain point,” there comes “a breaking point.”

Trump’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 11th, only four days before the significant Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where the former president is supposed to be officially declared as the GOP nominee. Trump’s attorneys have said they will appeal the conviction.

When asked if he would be okay with a jail sentence, Trump said he was “OK with it.” He mentioned one of his lawyers saying on TV that this shouldn’t be done to a president, to which Trump told him that he doesn’t want to “beg for anything” and that if he gets sent to jail it’s “just the way it is.”

Trump responded to questions about several other topics, including picking a new Attorney General and declassifying documents related to 9/11, the JFK assassination, and even the Jeffrey Epstein debacle.

Meanwhile, the current Attorney General, Merrick Garland, spoke to the House Judiciary Committee on June 4th and said those accusing the federal government of being involved in a plot against Trump are promoting a “conspiracy theory” that attacks “the judicial process itself.”

Despite the verdict, Trump has reportedly raised over $200 million since the news broke.

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