Trump Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary

( – The first primary of the 2024 presidential election just took place in New Hampshire, and former President Donald Trump dominated the contest, defeating former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, his only remaining challenger for the GOP nomination.

After 95% of the votes were tallied, the race was called with Trump in the lead at 54.4% and Haley behind him at 43.3%.

Although early polls in New Hampshire showed Haley had a better shot at the former president in that state, that all changed after the Iowa caucuses, in which Haley only placed third. Trump’s strong support in Iowa forced Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to suspend their campaigns.

After Trump’s victory in New Hampshire, Haley gave a speech seemingly detached from reality. She said it was a “great night” and that “God is so good.” Haley then thanked New Hampshire, and although she briefly congratulated Trump for winning the primary, she then declared that her campaign still pulled in “close to half the vote.” That would appear more impressive if DeSantis and Ramaswamy were still in the race, but considering there were only two candidates – Haley and Trump – finishing with only 43.3% is a bad sign for the former South Carolina governor.

A CNN exit poll also found that at least 70% of Haley’s supporters in the Granite State primary were either undeclared or independent voters, while 3% weren’t registered yet. Trump’s results were the exact opposite: 70% of his supporters were registered Republican, 27% undeclared or independent, and 3% were previously unregistered.

Even though the mainstream media seems to favor her, Haley surely won’t come out favorably in the remaining primary contests compared to Trump by relying on moderate and independent voters.

Trump slammed Haley on social media while the New Hampshire results were rolling in, calling her “delusional” for thinking she could beat him. He then spoke after his victory was declared and criticized Haley for speaking as if she was the winner, something he said she also did after the Iowa caucuses.

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