Twin Sisters Stabbed Near New York Deli

( – Two sisters were stabbed over the weekend at a deli in Brooklyn after denying the advances of the assailant, leaving one hospitalized and the other dead from the encounter.

According to a New York Police Department (NYPD) statement, 19-year-old Samiya Spain was stabbed in the chest and died from her injury. Spain’s twin sister, who was not named, suffered a deep wound on her arm but was in stable condition when hospitalized.

The attack happened on Sunday, March 17th, around 2:20 AM inside a deli located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope, on the corner of 4th Ave. and Saint Mark’s Place. The deli was only a short walk from the victim’s residence on Nevins Street. The NYPD said that officers discovered the 19-year-olds amid a bloody scene, one of whom suffered a “stab wound to the chest” while the other “to the arm.” Both women were rushed to New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Samiya Spain was quickly pronounced dead.

Police added that “no arrests” have been made so far, and that the investigation for a suspect “remains ongoing.”

A witness who remained anonymous told NBC reporters that a man approached the women and told them he thought they were attractive, but his advance was rejected and an argument ensued. After insulting the twin sisters, the man left the deli. According to the witness, the suspect “walked down the block angry” until returning “two or three minutes later” and starting to bang and kick the deli’s glass door in an attempt to get in. The witness said staff locked the door to stop the man from re-entry.

The second the door was opened and the two women stepped out to leave, the man ran at them and started attacking.

The New York Post spoke with the women’s grandfather, Alphonso Goodson, who told reporters that the suspect “started hitting on” his granddaughters, who didn’t want to be bothered with him and to be left alone. Goodson said the man waited for them, took their rejection “the wrong way,” and “came after them.”

One of the victim’s friends blamed the government for the incident, citing cuts to mental health services.

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