U.S. Moves Forward with Weapons Deal to Defend Taiwan

(RepublicanNews.org) – A bipartisan group of U.S. officials met with Taiwan’s newest president after China ramped up its military drills around the island in a series of war games. The show of strength from Beijing came as a response to the inauguration of President Lai Ching-te, who gave a speech in which he urged Beijing to end its aggressive stance towards Taiwan.

While meeting with the new Taiwanese leader on Monday, May 27th, the U.S. congressional delegation promised that weapons from the U.S. would soon be on Taiwanese soil. The delegation included the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul (R-TX), and came after Congress passed an international aid package in April which included $2 billion to support Taiwan and other regional allies in the face of Chinese aggression.

The People’s Republic of China has long maintained that Taiwan belongs to China and must be brought under Beijing’s control. Taiwan is a democracy that aims to keep its independence, refusing to be brought under Chinese rule. Chinese authorities are typically displeased by any nation recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state and have previously placed sanctions on McCaul for visiting the island.

McCaul told Ching-te that American weapons were on their way and expressed his own disappointment that they could not arrive faster. Ching-te is reportedly anxious to receive American support as quickly as possible due to Chinese aircraft and ships running increased drills around the island following Ching-te’s inauguration speech. During his speech, he reiterated his commitment to Taiwanese sovereignty and told Beijing to “face the reality” of Taiwan’s existence.

Ching-te spoke of his gratitude for the American delegation and the support the U.S. continues to show Taiwan. While the U.S. does not explicitly support Taiwanese independence, it remains a firm ally. Speaking about the incoming weapons shipments, McCaul said that the armaments should act as a deterrent and put Beijing off mounting a full-scale invasion of the island.

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