Vocal Trump Critic Jake Tapper Chosen to Moderate Presidential Debate

(RepublicanNews.org) – The first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is right around the corner, and it’ll be hosted by CNN, who have selected anchor Jake Tapper to moderate.

On Wednesday, May 15th — after terms were agreed upon by both candidates — CNN announced that the first presidential debate would be co-moderated by Tapper alongside Dana Bash. It is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on June 27th.

Supporters of the former president are wary of the pick and don’t expect Tapper to be fair towards him during the long-awaited face-off. Tapper has been a long-time critic of Trump, and his coverage of him and the Republican Party is notably hostile, so this should give Trump a preview of what he may expect next month with such a moderator.

Tapper was at the tip of the spear with coverage of the so-called “Russiagate” scandal, which accused Russia of rigging the 2016 election in favor of Trump and turned out to be a giant nothing-burger. The anchor went on to push conspiracy theories that Trump was a “spokesman for the Kremlin” or that he’s in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s back pocket. He’s also compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler.

The CNN anchor negatively covered Trump’s handling of everything from the 2020 pandemic to the results of the 2020 election, after which Tapper declared that a “long national nightmare” was over “for tens of millions” of Americans when Trump was declared the loser.

Bash also has a history of hostility towards the former president and conservatives. When Biden called Republicans “semi-fascists” in 2022, Bash defended the remarks by clarifying that Biden was only specifically talking about Republicans who support Trump. And when Trump criticized Jewish voters who support Democrats earlier this year, Bash called his rhetoric “antisemitic and incredibly dangerous.”

The second senate was also announced on that Wednesday, which is scheduled for September 10th and will be hosted by ABC and moderated by anchors Linsey Davis and David Muir.

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