VP Harris’s Presidential Hopes Shattered by Abysmal Polling Data

(RepublicanNews.org) – Despite holding the second highest office in the land and in a position to become president herself, Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the most unpopular vice presidents in American history, and her poll numbers are a graveyard.

Throughout President Joe Biden’s time in the White House, there has been continued concern amongst the public and lawmakers about his mental and physical health, and his ability to serve a second term let alone finish his first. Although Biden’s first term is almost up, it’s not over yet, and there remains speculation that he may cancel his re-election campaign and drop out of the race.

Although it is unlikely Biden will back out now after the Democratic Party has invested so much into his candidacy at the expense of every other prospect, it is still a possibility, and Harris would be a likely last-minute replacement. The problem is that Harris is even more unpopular than Biden. She bombed the Democratic primary while running for president against Biden in 2020, and has remained unpopular and in the background as vice president throughout his term. Additionally, a poll from last year indicated she may be the most unpopular vice president in recent history.

Democratic National Committee member and climate activist R.L. Miller said that although Harris has “done an admirable job on reproductive health” and other issues, the vice president fell “into the same spot” as others in her office before her. Miller said that “spot” amounts to not having “a very public role outside of her lane” and that the public doesn’t associate Harris with important issues like foreign policy.

Meanwhile, voters remain concerned about Biden’s advanced age and the seeming decline in his mental faculties and physical health. The 81-year-old has an endless record of public gaffes, mishaps, and falls. As for foreign policy, Democrats are bleeding voters due to Biden’s milquetoast position on the Israel/Hamas conflict as a majority of his voters are pro-Palestinian.

Most polls either show Biden neck-and-neck with former President Donald Trump or Trump taking a slight lead, particularly in almost all battleground states. If he isn’t ushered out, the incumbent president will have a hard time in his rematch against Trump, even with all the legal battles against the former president.

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