RNC Withdraws Bid to Crown Trump Early

(RepublicanNews.org) – By former President Donald Trump’s own recommendation, the Republican National Committee (RNC) decided to withdraw its draft resolution declaring him the presumptive nominee for the GOP.

David Bossie, a member of the RNC and former Trump aide, put forward the draft resolution to the committee. He’s also the one who withdrew it at the former president’s request. According to a CNN report, Trump and his campaign were originally on board with Bossie’s draft resolution but changed their minds after some backlash.

On Thursday, January 25th, the Dispatch reported on the draft resolution proposal by Bossie, which came after RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel proclaimed that it was time for the GOP to unite around the former president to defeat President Joe Biden. McDaniel remarked after the New Hampshire primary results showed Trump defeated his former UN ambassador Nikki Haley. Before the New Hampshire primary, the Iowa caucuses also showed Trump on top and lead to second-place candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dropping out of the race and endorsing his rival.

After some pushback on Bossie’s idea, Trump reversed his position. He posted a statement on Truth Social the same day thanking the RNC while rejecting the plan. He said that although he “greatly appreciated” the proposal, he believes it would actually be in the best interest of party unity to win the election “the ‘Old Fashioned’ way” at the ballot box.

The move may surprise many as Trump has been pressuring Haley, his only remaining challenger, to drop out of the race. In his statement, he also didn’t fail to mention that the RNC already has “far more votes than necessary” to designate him the presumptive nominee.

To secure the GOP nomination, Trump will have to win 1,215 delegates by July, when the national convention takes place in Milwaukee. So far, he’s earned 32 delegates while Haley only has 17, and she won’t gain any in the next primary in Nevada because she’s not on the ballot. Trump poked fun at her during his New Hampshire speech by reminding Haley of this fact and declaring his victory in Nevada ahead of time.

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