Worker Shares How He Survived the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

( – One of the construction workers on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, who survived its collapse says that the construction crew was not warned about the the oncoming Dali cargo vessel and its imminent collision.

Shortly before the cargo vessel hit the bridge, the ship’s pilot sent out a mayday call to law enforcement so they could prevent any more vehicles from driving onto the bridge. Julio Cervantes was one of two workers on the bridge who survived the collapse after falling into the water, and his attorney said that the construction crew received no warning before the vessel struck while they were inside their cars during a break. They were on the bridge to repair potholes when tragedy struck.

On Tuesday, March 26th, the Dali cargo vessel lost power while approaching the bridge. It struck one of the foundation pillars and the entire structure quickly fell apart. L. Chris Stewart, Cervantes’ attorney, said that the construction worker fell into the water along with others, but was able to survive because his vehicle had manual windows. Cervantes managed to roll down the window and escape the sinking vehicle.

Stewart said one could “imagine how frightening that is.” Stewart said Cervantes has “severe mental and emotional pain and suffering” from the incident, in which he also lost family members, being related to some of the workers.

Although Cervantes cannot swim, he clung to a piece of debris and was later rescued by first responders. Justin Miller, one of his other attorneys, said that Cervantes “fought for his life.” A second worker was pulled out of the water and also survived, but was rushed to the hospital where he was later discharged.

The law firm investigating the incident is also representing the families of two workers who perished in the collapse. A few hours after the firm’s announcement on Monday, April 15th, a fourth construction worker’s body was recovered from the scene.

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